Friday, July 3, 2009

Welcome to "Save Math In Issaquah"

The purpose of this website is to give parents of students in the Issaquah School District, students in the district, and concerned citizens of the City of Issaquah a place to meet, discuss, and organize our efforts to help the Issaquah School District Board of Education make a good decision regarding selection of math textbooks.

This blog has the "Google Friend Connect" feature to enable us to network with each other as we take on this important job. It takes just a few minutes to sign up.


  1. Hi Mark,
    Are you sure she's the same Leslie Nielsen? Sounds about right in time/age but the middle initial is off. Could be one is maiden initial--one is original give name initial? Will you be able to verify?

  2. Yes indeed the Leslie Nielsen of ISD is the same as the author at Key Press. She apparently did disclose her "conflict" to the rest of the adoption committee.

  3. I am an engineer with a Master's of Science degree in aerospace engineering and I have known for years how terrible the math books are in the Issaquah School District. The poor children don't even have a math book, it's a pamphlet they don't even get to keep! I have done my children great harm by remaining in Washington state during their high school years, irrepairable damage. These discovery series of math books suck beyond words they are horrible! How can we put a stop to this insanity?